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BBC Sherlock | His name is tw:Greg



"Remember Redbeard?" 

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Does this line mean during their relationship Janine and Sherlock never actually had sex?

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BBC Sherlock Series 3 |  System Update Required


Greg : the greatest mystery of all.

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  • Question: How come you said Conan Doyle is spinning in his grave? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Just to clarify, it is not a dig at the slash fans. Nor is it a dig at BBC Sherlock. (I love both)
    Conan Doyle is spinning in his grave, because if there is one thing ALL types of Sherlock Holmes fans can be assured of, is the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fucking hates ALL of us.

    The last thing the poor guy ever wanted was his legacy to be Sherlock Holmes. If he were alive now, and he saw Sherlock Holmes being first (and sometimes only thing) people remember him by, if he saw the all movies and TV shows, and the MUSEUM, his face palm would be the one to end all face palm.

    Just to dig up some handy quotes on his love of his own creation:

    "I have been much blamed for doing that gentleman to death, but I hold that it was not murder, but justifiable homicide in self-defense, since, if I had not killed him, he would certainly have killed me.”

    "If I had never touched Holmes, who has tended to obscure my higher work, my position in literature would at the present moment be a more commanding one,”

    If in one hundred years I am known only as the man who invented Sherlock Holmes, then I will have considered my life a failure.

     He is the ancestor of every tumblr user screaming “STOP REBLOGGING THIS POST”, “GUYS COME ON GIVE ME MORE NOTES ON MY NEW POST”.

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I bet Sherlock expected wished for John to react more like Lestrade.

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мироздание! 8’DDDDDD видимо, я была хорошей девочкой в прошедшем году

(c) “BBC Sherlock”

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It’s time to come back.

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